Deliver the 8K and 4K content up to 100m without loss

Product description

DisplayPort is a next-generation peripheral interface designed to transmit ultrahigh definition (UHD) digital signals between computers, displays, projectors and other UHD devices. UNIVE DisplayPort1.4 Active Optical Cable (AOC), is the best solution available to deliver 4K/60Hz/4:4:4 content up to 100m without signal degradation for 4K UHD (3840 x 2160 @ 60Hz) resolution.


  • Data rate: 21.6Gbps (5.4Gbps per channel) up to 32.4Gbps (8.1Gpbs per channel)
  • Easy installation with detachable feature
  • Designed for pulling through conduit
  • Available conduit diameter: 20mm
  • Supports 2160p (4K@60Hz Chroma4:4:4), 1080p
  • 3D, 21:9 (True cinema), Multi stream video and audio, deep color x.v.Color™, Dolby True HD DTS-HD Master Audio
  • HDCP 2.2 & HDR (High Dynamic Range)
  • Free from EMI/RFI
  • Minimum bending radius: 2mm
  • Small and flexible cable for easy installation
  • Active optical cable with plastic optical fiber
  • 850nm wave length
  • UL- Plenum cable / Non UL cable
  • Available length: up to 100m