USB 3.1 GEN2

The most perfect solution for long distance 10G and 5G data transmission

Product description

UNIVE`s USB 3.1 Active Optical Cable (AOC) is the only solution in the world for long distance data transmission and is the leading technology in the USB market.


– USB3.1(Gen2) Type C to C compatible
– Data rate: 10Gbps
– Free from EMI/RFI
– Minimum bending radius: 2mm
– Small and flexible cable for easy installation
– Active optical cable with plastic optical fiber

– 850nm wave length
– UL- Plenum cable / Non UL cable
– Cable length: up to 20m@USB3.1(Gen2), 50m@USB3.0(Gen1)
– Reversible USB type C connector
– Backward compatible with USB2.0 up to 3m
– No needs external power