UNIVE, the world’s first Plastic Optical Fiber(POF) AOC manufcturer, was founded as a SoC design and IP service company in 2003. Based on our business motto on the creation of differentiated values for customer satisfaction, we invented light, easy to use and safe AOC with POF in 2007. UNIVE will continue to research and develop the connecting solution for customer’s various experiences.

We have specific expertise in designing and implementing optical engine solution products and manufacture them through our manufacturing partners. We are using VCSEL as the light source, plastic optical fiber as the transmitting medium, standard CMOS chipset as the driving electronics, and high precision plastic optics as the integrated optical element to build low cost high volume optical engine solution for mobile and consumer applications.

We shall provide the best active optical cable product solutions for high quality ultra high definition video transmission based on our core competence in development and volume production. We believe the active optical cable product industry shall grow very rapidly and widely in smart HD display arena to connect source and display. Smart sources are mobile devices such as smartphone, tablet, and ultrabook. Smart displays are ultra HDTV, OLED TV, projector, and headmount display. Our technology and product solution shall be a great highway to connect massive high quality video for entertaining our life.